Greenbank Environmental is Australia’s largest independent environmental trader.

Greenbank Environmental is a family business established in 2003.

Our team is equipped to process and register environmental credits under the various state and federal schemes as well as the voluntary offset market.

Our point of difference is that we trade with both industry and Australian homeowners alike.

The Greenbank group has developed long-term relationships with governments, agencies, installers, utilities and financial institutions.

Under General Manger Ria Redmond’s expert direction, our large and growing team efficiently operates the busy data centre which processes and registers all the environmental certificates we receive.

Our cohesive team are not only thorough, delivering an exceptional level of customer service but pride themselves on getting your money fast.

When trading with Greenbank you will receive the highest level of service, a competitive price and prompt payment.

Whether you are involved in the industry or looking to make energy upgrades in your home or business, by choosing Greenbank you can be confident that you are dealing with Australia’s leading environmental trader.